Information about LocalSpots

How it works

How it works for customers

Your local spots could use some cashflow at the moment to help tide over the next few months until business can resume as usual. 

How it works for businesses

It's super easy to get your local business listed on LocalSpots!

If your business exists as a listing on LocalSpots already:

1. Claim it by emailing us. You’ll then be able to edit the listing as you see fit to keep your customers informed. 
2. Share your listing with your customers!

If your business isn't on LocalSpots yet:

1. Create a LocalSpots account and add a listing for your business.
  • If you already have an online gift card provider: add the link to your listing description!

  • If you do not have an online gift card provider: either contact your Point of Sale provider to ask them about setting up your own gift card, or we suggest using Square for an independent provider 

2. Share your listing with your customers!

How to set up a gift-card system

Your Point of Sale provider 

Many point of sale providers offer gift card programs, letting you set up digital gift cards for sale. Get in touch with your provider or check out their website for more information!


If you are looking for a gift card provider, we recommend checking out Square Gift Cards. It is free to set up and sell their eGift cards online, you just need to make a Square account. They charge a 2.2% processing rate whenever a customer buys an eGift card from you. Square will help you set up a web-page to sell your gift cards, click here for an example, which you can link to your own website and we can list on LocalSpots. 

Other Gift Card providers

Gift Card Planet



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